September 2013 Posts

Weekly update from CLCC Staff

The CLCC Staff will now be posting notes from our weekly staff meetings. This is part of our efforts to follow the CLCC guiding principles, including Be transparent in deliberations and decision-making. Follow the CLCC’s progress as we work to develop a strong partnership that bridges science and action for the lands and seas of tomorrow.

CLCC Staff Meeting

        Monday, September 9th, 2013

10:00 am-12:00 pm

Location: Office of Brent Murry (FWS), CLCC Science Coordinator at IITF Headquarters


    • -Invitations to potential PR and USVI Steering Committee members
    • -Conservation Action Teams
    • -Website


Highlights from the meeting:

      • -News updates will be posted on the website as blogs
      • -We will start posting weekly meeting notes from the staff that will include next actions, agenda items and important highlights
      • -Lia Nicholson’s (CLCC Staff Intern) ecosystem governance compendium white paper is almost finished (projected by the end of this week). A meeting with Lia and CLCC contractor Colibrí Sanfiorenzo will be scheduled to discuss data entry for adding to Ecosystem Governance map 
      • -Sustainametrix will participate on the next SC conference call to give an update on the Ecosystem Governance Knowledge Base project they are completing this month
      • -Sindulfo Castillo (Army Corp of Engineers) and Aaron Hutchins (TNC) have accepted invitations to join the CLCC Steering Committee and have been invited to be on the next call. Just the first of many new partners joining the CLCC steering committee. Next step is to design process to invite Place-based NGOs.
      • -In October, Brent and Kasey may be traveling to USVI to attend to different meetings and possibly could request meeting with Governors office.
      • -Discussion of integrating Commonwealth and Territorial “Statewide Assessment and Strategies for Forest Resources”  plans into CLCC Science Planning.


 Invitations to potential PR and USVI Steering Committee members-request letters to respective Governors

    -Bill will talk to Ernesto and JP to check about the letters to governors. We will draft some letters first, schedule a meeting with governor staff and give them a briefing about the CLCC.

-We have to review the four territorial agencies proposed to be part of the SC (check meeting notes from from St Croix meeting)

Conservation Action Teams

-The Staff will prepare a document on how to become an action team and send out to all the prospective action teams.

-Coral Reef Task Force Meeting is the week of November 12-15, 2013.
hosting a meeting with CROP including Edwin Almodóvar (NRCS), Raimundo Espinoza, Jean-Pierre Oriol, Aurora Justiniano, Peter Edwards and Ernesto Diaz is a high priority to discuss coastal zone management plans and the Regional Planning Body in particular.

-We discussed the structure, function, and expectations of Conservation Action Teams, the details of which will be drafted up this week.
-Possible action groups:

  • Coral Reef Protection Group (discussions underway)
  • Regional Planning Body (discussions underway)
  • Agricultural lands (discussions underway)
  • Conservation education (already started with SPF, GAIA, VINE, and PR/VI RP)
  • Invasive Species (already started, Island Conservation and IITF)
  • Salt River in USVI (discussions underway)
  • Human & Social Dimensions (discussions underway)

-CLCC will try to formalize some of these groups before fall meeting in December.

-Ecosystem Governance-they could be an advisory group, part of the science advisory group, or even a conservation action team.


  • Bill and Kasey will have a meeting soon with ThinkAMap
  • We are ending the last details of their last contract for the website


Next Actions:

    • -Second Human & Social Dimensions conference call this Friday 13th from 10:30am-12:30pm
    • -Letters to Governors will be drafted and sent to Ernesto and JP for their revision and discuss next steps for contacting Governors’ offices
    • -Defining the conservation action teams and the advisory groups is one of the next steps
    • -Next SC conference call is Monday September 16th, 2013 from  2-3pm.