October 2013 Posts

Weekly Update from CLCC Staff

The CLCC Staff had two staff meetings after government shutdown. One on Friday, October 18 and the other on Monday, October 21 to discuss the priorities for the coming week.


CLCC Staff Meeting

        Friday, October 18, 2013 

11:00am – 1:00pm

Location: Office of Bill Gould (USFS), CLCC Coordinator at IITF Headquarters

        Monday, October 21, 2013 

10:00am – 11:00am

Location: Office of Brent Murry (FWS), CLCC Science Coordinator at IITF Headquarters


Priorities Identified for this Week

Marixa is in Syracuse attending the Green Infrastructure Summit this week. Can follow the summit and Marixa by searching #GISummit in Twitter

Save the Date for December 12th, 2013 annual meeting went out to mailing list and is posted on the website slider. Will be working with Planning Team (CLCC Staff, Pedro Rios, Susan Silander) this week to finalize agenda for December and work on logistics. Meeting theme: CLCC Strategic Conservation Framework: Identifying priorities and establishing a course for the cooperative conservation of our land and sea

Finish synthesis and strategic plan process description for Monday’s Steering Committee call. Second strategy session on CLCC Strategic Conservation Framework will be in Brent’s office on Thursday afternoon 12:00 – 4:00pm.

Agenda for SC call Monday is welcoming new member Fernando Lloveras from Para La Naturaleza (Fideicomiso de Conservación de Puerto Rico) to the CLCC Steering Committee. Still working on 8 new PR and USVI agencies and representatives from place-based NGOs. Goal is to have full steering committee (no longer interim) by December 12, 2013.

Need to complete criteria for Conservation Action Teams and send to those members of the conservation community that have expressed interest

Finish two compendiums with Lia Nicholson, Colibri Sanfiorenzo, and Karen Sola (Kasey and Marixa taking lead on editing and formatting). Titles of compendiums: (1) Connecting the Dots in Conservation: USVI & Puerto Rico; (2) Connecting the Dots in Conservation: Insular Caribbean, Belize, Guyana and Suriname

Mailing of thank you postcards to USVI meeting attendees delayed due to government shutdown and other factors. When Marixa returns from Green Infrastructure Summit this week we will get those out.

Final website features will be completed by CLCC staff or Thinkamap ASAP (uploading steering committee biographies and missing links to create an account)