Advisory Groups

The organizational structure of the Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative (CLCC) includes a Steering Committee, Staff, Advisory Groups and the Partnership Community. The Steering Committee and Staff work with the Advisory Groups – which are dynamic, responsive to needs identified by the CLCC and of short or long-term duration. According to the CLCC Charter Advisory Groups, Ad Hoc or Special Committee may be designated by the Steering Committee on an as needed base. These subgroups and advisory teams may be composed of representatives from the science and/or partnership communities to conduct and/or develop specialized projects.

The Advisory Groups serve as working teams, with long or short term goals, under the leadership and coordination of the CLCC Coordinators. Advisory Group participation is based on recommendations from the Staff, Steering Committee, or Partners but with explicit approval from the respective parent entity. An Advisory Group may develop foundation concepts, draft governance and operational documents and provide specific recommendations to the Steering Committee according to their direction on such tasks as the annual work plan, strategic framework and other formative and operative needs. Advisory Groups may also serve as a CLCC “think tank” to develop strategic concepts, analyze issues or other operative needs as identified by the Staff, Steering Committee or Partners.  CLCC Charter

Examples of Potential Advisory Groups

  • Science Plan Development

  • International Collaborations

  • Cultural Resources

  • Place-based NGO

  • Working Lands

  • Data Sharing and Management

  • Human and Social Dimensions

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