Partner Spotlight: Sierra Club Puerto Rico

Sierra Club has led the effort to challenge nature enthusiasts in Puerto Rico to capture at least one photo from each of the protected areas in Puerto Rico by the end of 2017. This challenge to Sierra Club members and nature lovers came out of their work as a member of the CLCC‘s Protected Areas Conservation Action Team. Each year the team disseminates an updated inventory and map of protected areas. Sierra Club members and supporters were notified of the challenge via Sierra Club newsletters, social media, and personal contacts. To-date the PA-CAT has received 36 photos of 18 protected areas. The challenge is ongoing – if interested follow the instructions below to submit your photos to the Protected Areas Conservation Action Team!  In particular, we are looking for photos of areas that have been declared as protected recently (Playa Grande El Paraíso, Dorado, Mar Chiquita, Manatí, Las Cucharillas, Cataño), but we want original photos of all the protected natural areas of Puerto Rico. A big applause to Sierra Club Puerto Rico for their contributions to the PA-CAT and to their talented photographers.


1. Send your photo via email:

– the photo should be sent to the email:

– the phrase ‘ANP photo’ must appear in the subject line of the e-mail

– Please copy and paste the following sentence into the body of your email:

a. Authorize the Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative (CLCC) to utilize the sent photo en cyberportals or other digital and print media.
b. I declare that the photo is by me and that the content has not been altered after it was taken (e.g. Photoshopped)”. 

– The use could be print or internet.

3. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Name of the author of the photo
  • Data in was taken
  • Name of the protected area shown in the photo
  • Municipality the photo was taken in
  • A brief description of the photo. If the photo emphasizes something in particular (an animal or geologic formation of interest), please describe that information

4. It is requested that the dimensions are 1024 x 768 or greater.

5. The minimum resolution required to guarantee a quality projection is 150 ppi.

6. It is requested that the format be JPEG or PNG


Need driving directions? Click here for the new map of protected natural areas of Puerto Rico.

The team has the goal to have at least one photo of each protected area by the end of the year 2017 when the next PA-CAT inventory and map will be published.

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