What we do?

The Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative develops and delivers  science-based information and supports conservation initiatives. We provide expertise, capacity, funding, facilitate the exchange of information, highlight shared priorities, and foster integrated research and conservation actions. We have internships and education opportunities with staff and partner agencies. We help managers and scientists communicate throughout the cycle of defining, supporting, and delivering research.

We use Landscape Conservation Design (LCD), a partner-driven approach to achieve a sustainable, resilient social-ecological landscape. It is an iterative, collaborative, and holistic process resulting in strategic and spatial products that provide information, analytical tools, maps, and strategies to achieve landscape goals collectively held among partners. The CLCC LCD framework links local on-the-ground implementation projects to a suite of regionally meaningful landscape-scale goals.

Key Roles

Develop and provide integrated science-based information about the implications of future change for the sustainability of natural and cultural resources.

Support site-level conservation initiatives and complement other landscape conservation strategies to restore, manage, and conserve the natural resources of the region in the face of climate change and development pressure.

Provide a regional context to conduct conservation planning and management at several scales, from decisions on site-management to understanding the implications of management actions regionally, nationally and globally.

Provide a platform for partners working to integrate information, perform regional assessments of conservation status, assess future scenarios, and collaborate in applied conservation science.

Support individual partner decision-making in the context of larger landscape goals.

Provide a venue for and benefit to leveraging resources by partners.

Support continuous exchange of information and feedback among partners.


The Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative (CLCC) recognizes the many conservation issues that exist as we strive to manage for the future in light of the uncertainties of climate change and human actions and decisions. Issues also evolve and acquire different levels of significance at different spatial scales. The Cooperative is made up of diverse partners, and the issues addressed will reflect the interests and resources of those partners. Current issues that have been labeled of high importance include climate change, sea level rise and its many potential effects on the coastal zone, endangered and endemic species, invasive species, land use change, conservation-related laws and regulations, data-management and information-sharing, education and outreach.


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