Why You Must Experience Buying weed Online In Canada At Least Once in Your Lifetime?

Weed, also known scientifically as Cannabis or marijuana, is a proactive drug used for both recreational and medicinal purposes in different cultures all over the world. In some countries, the distribution of marijuana is illegal while in some it is a booming business.

Canada is found in North America and is among the countries that have made it legal to grow and distribute cannabis. The legal framework is however very strict, controlling in what circumstances the drug could be produced, distributed and possessed across Canada. The strict legal framework seeks to:

Keep cannabis out of the hands of the youth

The act protects the youth from accessing cannabis by including age restrictions and restricting the promotion of the drug. The age restriction of either growing, possession or distribution of the drug is that of 18 years.

Anyone found to give or sell weed to a youth or use a youth to commit a cannabis related offence is liable to 14 years in jail.

The Act prohibits products that are appealing to youth, packaging weed in an appealing way to youth, selling weed through self-service displays or promoting weed in any way appealing to the youth.

Protect public health

The government oversees the cannabis regulation system by setting strict requirements to grow or manufacture weed, setting industry-wide rules and standards, lowering personal possession limits in the case of over use and restricting where adults can use cannabis.

During the COVID period however, the distribution of weed was affected as person to person contact was reduced. A new way of distributing weed was introduced; selling and buying weed online in Canada. Through this online platform, both consumers and producers were able to agree on how best to send the product be it via mail or packages.

Despite it being a recent invention, buying weed online in Canada may be here for a long while. It is both cost and time effective and this is the goal for all business models.

However, selling and buying weed online may pose the threat of affecting the youth and leaving cartels untraceable.

Reduce criminal activity

With the Act placing explicit laws and consequences of violation of the laws, the rate of criminal activity related to weed has reduced significantly. In allowing for the limited production, distribution and consumption of weed, it helps keep out Canadians who consume cannabis out of the justice system and reduces the burden on the justice system.

Pros and cons of buying weed online in Canada

The legalisation of weed in Canada allowing for the sale online is a great invention but let us analyze the pros and cons to really weigh in on the matter. The pros include; it allows for the distribution of weed without the risk of Covid, it is both cost and time effective, it has created business opportunities and has improved access for those who truly need it.

The cons include; it allows for the possibility of cartels to take over leaving them untraced and it may introduce the sale of marijuana to the youth.


The production, distribution and possession of weed in Canada in light of the strict Act that governs it sounds like a good idea to me, what about you?