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We represent a partnership among research and management agencies, organizations and individuals who are interested in achieving a sustainable future for the Caribbean Islands, by addressing some of the issues that currently threaten our land and marine resources.

Our mission is to develop and implement coordinated, efficient, and effective landscape-scale conservation design and strategies to conserve, restore and sustain ecological and cultural resources and human well-being in the Caribbean.

Our vision is to be a catalyst for collaboration and a source for science-based information to sustain natural and cultural resources in the Caribbean.

Ecosystem Governance

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Data Center

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Landscape Conservation Design and CLCC Pilot Delivery Watersheds

The Steering Committee has focused the Cooperative’s attention on developing landscape conservation design (LCD) as a tool to facilitate collaborative, large landscape conservation and to help address multiple shared partner objectives (i.e. ecosystem integrity, human well-being, and preservation of cultural and historical resources).  Recognizing that this level of collaborative conservation is not well-tested, the decision was made to select pilot delivery watersheds to focus the Cooperative’s efforts.  Focusing in a pilot area allows the Cooperative to focus resources and align partner investments and efforts with greater ease. By doing so, there is a greater probability of synergistic conservation outcomes and a better understanding of how to best approach collaborative conservation.  A ‘ridge to reef’ model was adopted because the Cooperative understands and values ecosystem connectivity.

Climate Change Projections and Maps of Potential Future Temperature and Rainfall Scenarios for Puerto Rico

A CLCC research team published its results in the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology in February 2016 and explores the implications of various climate change projections and presents maps of potential future temperature and rainfall scenarios for Puerto Rico that indicate substantial changes. The implications vary depending on which climate models and greenhouse gas emission scenarios are used, but all show significant increases in temperatures and decreasing rainfall by the end of the century.  Based on the assumptions of the study and underlying climate models, the results show temperatures increasing from 4.6 °C to 9 °C (8 °F to 16 °F), and rainfall decreasing  up to 50% by the end of the century. The study details how these changes interact with the topography of the island and shows trends of increasing cooling degree days, increasing annual number of days without rain, and shifting ecological life zones as temperature and rainfall patterns change over the next century. You can view and download the full publication, data, maps and spatial layers using the CLCC Interactive Map.

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The CLCC is open to anyone who shares our mission to ultimately conserve, restore, and sustain natural and cultural resources in the Caribbean Region. 

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