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We represent a partnership among research and management agencies, organizations and individuals who are interested in achieving a sustainable future for the Caribbean Islands, by addressing some of the issues that currently threaten our land and marine resources.

Our mission is to develop and provide the best available conservation science and strategies to agencies, decision makers, organizations, researchers, and the general public in order to conserve, restore and sustain natural and cultural resources in the Caribbean.

Our vision is to be a catalyst for collaboration and a source for science-based information to sustain natural and cultural resources in the Caribbean.

Ecosystem Governance

Discover our compendium of NGOs and coalition groups doing conservation projects in the US Caribbean!

Data Center

Explore our Interactive Map, the CLCC Atlas, and access our geospatial and monitoring data!

NEW! Caribbean Agriculture, Forestry and Climate Governance Database

Agriculture and Forestry Governance Database is an outreach effort to identify “who is doing and producing what” in the region to (1) identify the interests and capacities of different stakeholders, (2) to build a regional directory and map the agriculture and forestry community with information about farmers market listings including market locations, directions, product offerings, and more, (3) to create a project database covering climate change adaptation efforts, state and federal conservation projects, agroforestry projects, sustainable forestry, and research initiatives related with these topics.

Join the Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative and contribute in our common mission


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Get Involved

Visit our Get Involved page to learn more about our cooperative’ organizational structure, the different roles of our partners, and to learn about the benefits of joining the CLCC.


The CLCC is open to anyone who shares our mission to ultimately conserve, restore, and sustain natural and cultural resources in the Caribbean Region. 

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