Regulations of Online Dispensaries in Canda

 Canada is among the first states to amend regulations for selling and purchasing cannabis with the view of curbing the increased use of the substance among the youths and the exploitation of consumers by illegal traders.

Strict regulations backed by harsh fines have since been put in place to protect the consumers from exploitation by traders in prices and product standards.

Regulations Regarding Consumers

  • It is prohibited to sell or purchase Marijuana or its by-products by persons under 18 years
  • No possession or sharing of fresh or dried cannabis exceeding 30 grams. 
  • Consumers should purchase only from licensed retailers.
  • Growing marijuana seedlings for personal use is limited to 4 plants per household.
  • Seedlings for personal use can be acquired online but only from licensed producers.
  • Cannabis use for medicinal purposes and would exceed the legal limits should have proper authorization from the health care provider.
  • Ordering weed or its products requires solid proof of legal age.

Regulations Regarding the Producers and Retailers

  • All retailers of weed or its products have to be properly licensed.
  • Adhere to the stipulated rules regarding production, packaging, and sale.
  • Use of standard measures of ingredients on products related to weed.
  • The promotion of weed and related products is strictly prohibited in areas touching the youths.
  • Participate in programs that create awareness among the general public on the uses, effects, and potential risks of Marijuana.
  • Producers adhere to the right seedlings and farming conditions.

Rules Regarding the Youths

  • The use, selling, and handling of Marijuana and its products are strictly prohibited to youths under 18 years.
  • Online selling and home deliveries are closely monitored, and it is the retailers’ burden to validate the age of the consumers should they be in doubt.
  • It is prohibited to post weed promotional materials where youths easily access them.
  • Selling weed and its products in vending machines is easily accessible to the youths.

Handling weed products in a manner that is too appealing and tempting to the youths

Online dispensaries in Canada make weed consumers enjoy the privacy of getting the products without raising questions from friends and family. Still, it also allows traffickers to exploit those who order blindly.

The Canadian authorities spend largely on regulating the online weed business to ensure the youths are protected. The consumers order the right amounts from licensed dealers and keep traffickers at bay.

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