Side effects of both indica and sativa cannabis

Cannabis is a flowering herb that is split into three subspecies that is Indica, sativa, and ruderalis. However, the medical community’s focus is on sativa and Indica strains. This article focuses on the effects of these strains.

Indica vs Sativa Cannabis Effects

There are numerous strains of purchase cannabis that have been bred over the past decades, its important that patients understand the different types of stains in the form of cannabis used as medicine. Some types of cannabis are suitable for specific diseases. Selecting the correct strain is important to confirm that patients get the finest therapy possible. Sativa and Indica plants differ not only in their appearance but also in their physiological effects. Discussed below are the indica vs sativa cannabis effects.

Effects of the Indica Strains

Leads to decreased nausea. While comparing the indica vs sativa cannabis effects, it is important to note that cannabis Indica is a good natural cure to calm the stomach in case of a flu bug or if you ate bad food and eased the signs of nausea. Sativa also helps people to regain their appetite after stress or illness.

Leads to moderate pain relief. Different pains and aches may be relieved by using Indica strain, for example, pinched nerves, menstrual cramping toothaches etc.

It eases muscle tremors. Physical and mental strains lead to tight muscles, and therefore Indica helps you feel more comfortable. Physical tremors associated with the illnesses, for example, Parkinson’s, which is associated with the body’s dopaminergic system, and dopamine boost, which comes with Indica, has led to marvellous success in easing the symptoms.

Effects of the Sativa Strains

Leads to depression relief. The serotonin levels in the sativa strains play a pivotal role in determining the mood and the mental outlook of the person. many prescriptions used to reduce depression are formulated in such a way that increases serotonin

It reduces anxiety and acts as a stress reliever. The comparison between indica vs sativa cannabis effects makes you understand that the sativa strains reduce stress after a busy and hectic schedule.

   It relieves chronic pain. Most long-term prescriptions for prolonged ailments make use of the indica vs sativa cannabis effects to determine the correct strain to use. Therefore, sativa strains, in this case, is preferred as the be a chronic pain reliever.

Side effects of both indica and sativa cannabis

Cannabis can offer relief from different mental and physical health symptoms, but it has some side effects such as insomnia, increased appetite, dry eyes, drowsiness, feeling anxious, dry mouth etc.

Both indica and sativa cannabis are useful in medication. Still, misuse of the strains has led to increased concern on the health hazards attributed to cannabis, such as threatening lungs, heart and mental abilities of children. Therefore, heavy use by anyone or growing children should be discouraged.